Snake Fundraiser

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Nature Discovery travels all over the state with a collection of Michigan wildlife that includes at least 10 species of Michigan snakes. Audiences of all ages are thrilled to have the opportunity for an up-close experience

It's no wonder that public attendance for this program routinely sets records at nature centers and state park visitor centers. Erroneous beliefs of a snake's malicious disposition and propensity to bite generate a curiosity to examine them when presented in a safe, controlled setting.

During the presentation, people's fears and misconceptions about snakes are discussed in contrast to their biological, behavioral and ecological reality. Then, each species is shown with information given about its habits or its struggles to survive in our world. At the present's conclusion, all audience members are given the opportunity to handle these surprisingly gentle reptiles.

The entire presentation lasts about 90 minutes and is suitable for all ages. Your school can promote the event within the community with an entry fee determined by your PTO. Nature Discovery's fee is $150 (plus a mileage fee). The rest goes to further your school's enrichment program!

Call or email us to coordinate your school's "Snake Night!"